The Goals of the BRI

The BRI recognizes the possibility that biophotons may be the biological identicals of ordinary photons; at the same time however, biophotons may have a physically distinct nature to ordinary photons. As biophotons may be described as quanta of biological electromagnetic energy the study of the function of inherent biological electromagnetic fields, their innate functions and dynamics are just one of our goals.

We suggest that: biological systems are governed by the coherent interactions of biophotonic compounds and their contributory electromagnetic energy fields that result in the complex communication, transduction, and distribution of the interactive feedback interface between this energy and biomatter.

The electromagnetic self-field theory strongly suggests that such biophotonic compounds exist wherever ambient conditions are capable of sustaining them. This is an emerging science and the BRI hopes to enable rapid up-to-the-minute dissemination of relevant information to those involved or wishing to become involved in all aspects of biophotonic applications including those wishing to study biophotonics.

Apart from an active research program, the BRI has been established to provide a discussion forum for scientists and professionals involved in all aspects of biophotons and bioelectromagnetic fields. This web site will provide access to a range of published online scientific papers, and access to a wide range of related online resources.

“What science has shown is that the potentialities of man are vast…No scientist, can therefore, justafiably continue to view every man in terms of his limitations but should rather concentrate on his possibilities.”

– Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners